05/11/2016 (Day 146: Really Relaxing Day And New Speedrun Personal Best)

Today I decided that I was going to relax and take it easy because the last couple of weeks, whilst they have been quite enjoyable, I have needed a day where I can let my mind and my body rest for a little while. The only thing I did before streaming in the evening was finish the review for Golden Axe, which needed to be finished for publication tonight. I am glad to have this review done because I was worried I would finish it in time due to me having a couple of issues finding some screenshots to use in the review. I was able to resolve this issue by finding a level select and capturing screenshots from the game directly and the screenshots from the game feed were much better quality and had more variety.

So tonight, I decided that I was going to stream some personal best attempts of Tetris 2, which is a game I recently picked up the speedrun for after realising that it was a game that I both enjoy and had fun speedrunning. Last week, I was able to get a sizeable personal best and become the 2nd fastest time in the world for 10 Levels, which was unexpected. This was enough encouragement for me to decide to continue speedrunning the game and see how much quicker I could go and tonight I found my answer.

The first few runs didn’t go very well and I had some runs that were really good personal best pace that I lost because of bad luck or a couple of mistakes here and there. Some of the runs that I lost could have been timesaves of upwards of about 45 seconds, however I did get 1 personal best tonight and I saved about 3 seconds. I am happy that I got a personal best because at the end of the day, I was able to complete the category quicker than I have ever done.

Overall, today was a much needed relaxation day, as well as a great day because of the Tetris 2 personal best. The plan for tomorrow is work really hard on the reviews because I am behind on the review schedule and I could go with catching up.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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