04/11/2016 (Day 145: Three Perfect Weeks)

Before I start writing the blog about Friday, I wish to apologise for posting this blog the day after because just as I was about to write the blog I actually passed out because I was so tired. This is the first time that I have have not been able to post a daily blog on the same day in the nearly 21 weeks I have been writing this blog, however I would love to hear some feedback on whether you would prefer me writing the blog the day after or on the same day. Here is what happened Friday everyone and I will post the same day for Saturday.

I cannot believe that it has actually happened, but I have had three perfect weeks at work and at home without making any mistakes or being negative. It has been a major turnaround in fortunes for me and also the upturn of confidence that I have been yearning for at least 5 or so years. I think the most important thing about this upturn in confidence, is not the fact that I am now becoming a confident and positive person, but more the fact that the confidence is nowhere near as fragile as it was. Even if I were to make a sizeable mistake, which I don’t see happening soon, my confidence won’t be at all affected. To even have a belief like that is something that I used to not have because I used to never believe in my own ability to do anything. I have one more week at work before I have a week off and I hope this can continue.

Overall, Friday was an amazing day and I am so proud that I have been able to continue this amazing run of things going my way. I do hope that the run continues because I have become a different person since I was put somewhere else at work.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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