03/11/2016 (Day 144: I Seriously Can’t Stop Smiling Lately)

To continue on from what I mentioned yesterday about my confidence skyrocketing as of late, alongside that my mood and my overall morale has been rising. My mood lately has been good that I have been smiling a lot more than I used because believe me, I was a miserable old git at times and wouldn’t ever show my emotions. There were a couple of reasons why I would hide my emotions and the main reason that I will mention is because I didn’t feel happy. I had no incentive to walk around town or work and actually smile and say hello to people. Now that I am a much happier and just overall more positive person, I find myself smiling at others and also having the confidence to say hello as I am passing.

Even when I have made small mistakes here and there, normally I would let it affect me and then my confidence would be heavily affected, but instead of panicking and thinking about the fact it went wrong, my happier mood means that I am more interested in finding a solution then acknowledging the mistake. If anything, this higher confidence and the fact that I seriously can’t stop smiling lately means that the chances of me making sizeable or noticeable mistakes has pretty much become zero.

The thing I have noticed the most since I have been much more positive and overall just a happy person, is the fact that my temperament is a lot better than it used to be. My temperament is that much better than even when I have the occasional OCD thought here and there, I don’t even notice it is there because my positivity means that the negativity pretty much hits a massive brick wall, which I approve of. I think the more impressive thing is that even if I am mentioning things from my past that are negative, I can explain them and not be brought down by it, which for me is a massive breakthrough.

Overall, today has been an amazing day where I haven’t frowned or looked unhappy whatsoever and instead have been smiling like a Cheshire Cat for most of the day. I believe that if this continues, the fragility of my confidence is fade away and instead the confidence will be more solid and take a lot more for it to drop.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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