02/11/2016 (Day 143: My Confidence Is At An All Time High)

I cannot believe that 3 weeks ago, my confidence and my self esteem were so low that I felt that I was completely lost and not sure what the next steps were. Now, that I have become really settled in my new role within my job, my confidence and my morale haven’t just grown, but have exceeded what I thought I had in me. For example, my confidence is at an all time high because everything that I attempt I first believe that I can achieve it without even worrying about it and secondly I am able to do the task effectively and efficiently. I cannot recall a time at any point in my life where I have had to self belief to go and achieve anything I want because I have felt my disabilities would have held me back from opening up and doing everything I am capable of achieving. All I need to do is keep up this work ethic and this belief that I can do anything I want if I can put my mind to it and concentrate on every minutia of the task to make sure that I complete it effectively.

Once I got in from work, I have mainly just relaxed and listened to a wide variety of music that has been released from Monstercat because I have been feeling somewhat tired after pouring my heart and soul out at work. I find that Monstercat’s music variety across the multiple genres of EDM with everything from Bounce to Dubstep to perfect for me because there is not one genre of music that isn’t represented on Monstercat and the quality of music on the record label is extremely high. Compared to modern chart music, the releases on Monstercat are extremely enjoyable to both listen to and analyse, rather than chart music, which relies solely on being catchy and repetitive.

Overall, I can happily say that I am in the best place mentally and in terms of confidence that I have ever been in because I actually do tasks and believe that I can start them and complete them with high levels of confidence and belief. Also, I do recommend listening to some music on Monstercat because the variety of EDM tastes is really well covered.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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