01/11/2016 (Day 142: Long November Nights)

Today began by me working on more reviews on the way to work because I wanted to see if I can continue to make progress with the reviews like I did yesterday. I am not sure what it is about me writing reviews on the way to work and why my mentality to writing them early with the morning is so much more effective than later in the day, but I definitely want to keep this up, even if it is just writing introductions to reviews. The introduction to the reviews is sometimes the hardest part to write because I am sometimes not sure what to cover during the introduction and whether what I say is relevant to the rest of the review. I definitely think that the background information that I have been adding to the upcoming reviews is much more thorough compared to previous reviews because writing them on the way to work means that I can at least break the review in, meaning that once I get home I can continue working on the review without the worry about how to begin the review.

Also, now it is the beginning of November, I have noticed how quickly it gets dark now in the afternoon. Before the clocks went back here in England, it would be night at about 5:45pm or 5:30pm, but the problem now is when I leave for work it is still mostly dark and when I am travelling home, it is also work. I pretty much hardly see daylight because of the hours I work, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. It is a good thing because once I get home from work, it is dark and I can concentrate on my projects without the sun shining through my window. The bad thing is that when I wait at the bus stop to travel home, the temperatures are really cold and eventually as Winter gets closer, the chances of potentially running into icy paths rises drastically. I am not worried about snow because I really like the snow and travelling in the snow feels like a mystical journey.

Overall, I am glad that the progress on the reviews whilst travelling to work is still really good and I am looking forward to potentially trying to write reviews on the way home from work to see if I can continue to work and progress through the reviews. I definitely think that the shorter days mean I can look forward to potential snow and less distractions whilst working at home.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.


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