31/10/2016 (Day 141: Bus Journey Reviews)

Today started up by being really productive on the way to work because I decided to start work on couple of reviews on the bus. This is something that honestly I have never tried doing before and it worked quite effectively actually. I was able to get the introduction section to Saturday’s review done quite quickly and effectively, which is making me think that I should definitely do every morning on the way to work because it could be a way to break the back of the work that needs to be done for the reviews. It also made the bus ride to work a lot less boring because I felt quite occupied and time went quite quickly, which is what I prefer when travelling as it can feel like a long journey sometimes. If I can maintain this across all the trips into work then I could get some of the review schedule done, even if it just the introduction to the reviews because at the end of the day it is progress that I otherwise wouldn’t have made.

Work today went quite well, although there were a couple of moments where I did panic a little bit, but I was able to overcome this and get back on track. That is the biggest thing I have noticed recently since my confidence started to rise, is the fact that when are things that go wrong, I have the belief in myself to take a step back from the situation, assess what it happening and then have another try at it. Instead of having a meltdown and not concentrating on how to fix the situation, taking a step back even for a minute or two works wonders.

Overall, today was a learning experience and also the development of a new way to write reviews when I am not at home. I will definitely be trying this approach as well when I am waiting to go to Hospital Radio because I could get somewhere close to an hour’s worth of review writing done in that time and that could be progress that otherwise would have been wasted.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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