30/10/2016 (Day 140: 20 Weeks Of Blog. Thanks Everyone. This Blog Is For You)

I am honestly quite surprised that I have been able to maintain and keep up this daily blog for 20 straight weeks. Normally, I can be quite forgetful and then when I want to keep doing things consistently on a daily basis, I sometimes doesn’t, which is why I am so happy with how my blog has been going. During the early days of the blog, my writing style I will concede was definitely quite weak and I did struggle to completely articulate myself in such a way that sentences would even make sense. For example, I read the first daily blog I ever published ( Which you can read here) somewhat recently and realised that some sentences never make sense and I definitely didn’t check it because I repeated a section twice. However, the thing I need to remember about that first blog was the mere fact that it was the first ever daily blog and I hadn’t ever wrote anything like that in my life. Reflective writing, almost daily style writing was something that I had never even experimented with before.

Now, I have never once mentioned what the inspiration was for me starting the daily blog and eventually branching off into writing video games reviews. The inspiration for me starting my daily blog was that there is a streamer who I have watched for a little while now called AnnK, and she would document things about her personal life, but the blog was more geared towards video games and streaming. She publishes the blog once a week   Which you can read here  and I had never really seen blogs about video games before and then I thought because I am a speedrunner, I could speak about video games from another angle.

I then realised there is another angle I can speak about life in general because I have disabilities, I could show that even people with disabilities can lead somewhat normal lives. I was worried about eventually opening up about these disabilities in this blog because of the fact it could open me to criticism and potential issues, but the response has been fantastic.

Therefore, I want to dedicate today’s blog to everyone who has read my blog over the past 20 weeks and has allowed me to be myself and show you all a taster of what it is like living in my shoes. Even if you have only read one blog, started reading today or have been reading from the start, I want to thank you for being there for me, being my friend and allowed me to be the person I am because for a long period of my life, I wasn’t the true me.

Overall, just thank you everyone for reading the blog and for sticking around. Don’t worry, this isn’t the end of the blog absolutely not because I enjoy writing these blogs to stop. So expect a Liam’s Game Room review tomorrow of Silent Hill 2 and also to a wide variety of games being reviewed in the coming weeks and months.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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