29/10/2016 (Day 139: Back To Streaming And Speedrunning)

Today, I decided that I should stream for a little while because I was still on a high after the speedrun of Star Fox 2 for Degen Dash yesterday went extremely well. However, I didn’t speedrun Star Fox 2 because I wanted to have a look at some speedgames that I hadn’t speedrun for a while. Believe it or not, I have speedran in excess of 10 different games, but some of the games I haven’t speedran for in some cases upwards of a year.

The main reason why I have been looking at old speedgames is because I haven’t been able to do speedruns of many games recently and I have also lost my way in terms of what games I want to speedrun. So, looking at the older speedgames I used to run from a while back I thought was a good idea because then I could potentially see the merit in revisiting the games and in some cases picking the games back up again. The idea also behind revisiting old games is that in some cases, I could replay the games and maybe improve my personal bests because I definitely didn’t optimise the games to have the best possible times I could achieve.

I started out by revisiting a game that I have wanted to start speedrunning again for maybe about 6 months because I found the game quite relaxing to speedrun, which is Tetris 2. I have considered speedrunning the original Tetris, but because I have some issues regarding depth perception, I found I would struggle too much and Tetris 2 I don’t have this problem, due to it being more about matching colours then making lines. I am so glad that I decided to revisit this game because I beat my best time 3 times in 45 minutes and became the second quickest time in the world. I didn’t expect to achieve this, but I definitely will be speedrunning Tetris 2 more because I want to see how close I can get to the world record time. I also played a couple of other games to see if I could beat my time to no avail, but I am looking forward to working on speedrunning again.

Overall, I am extremely happy to back speedrunning because it is something I have been missing in my life recently. I definitely will be speedrunning more games and more often because I realise that I really enjoy speedrunning and a lot of my friends I have made online have come from speedrunning.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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