27/10/2016 (Day 137: Revisiting Old Speedruns And Preparing For Tomorrow)

Today was a day where I decided to have a look through the wide and vast array of different games I have either had some interest in speedrunning or have actually completed at least one speedrun of. I have realised that I have actually speedran more games that I initially thought and some of the games I might bring back and try and beat my times in because some of the bad games are really short, fun side projects I can work on to try and get me back in the swing of speedrunning. Some of the shorter games I believe no one else speedruns, which means I can help set a standard for the games and even potentially go glitch hunting to see if there are any ways I could break the game.

I think for me personally, apart from Star Fox 2 and Super Mario World, I don’t know if there will any of the games I used to speedrun that I will continue to speedrun because I really want to start spreading my wings and really trying to find some more speedgames that will test me in different ways. Whether it be a game from a genre that I have not got much experience in or a game that is a lot harder to beat, I want to try more speedgames out, so that I have more options when it comes to speedrunning streams because lately speedrunning streams have been rare. I think once I know what times I can stream each week, I should build a schedule around both streaming and also my reviews because once I get caught up on reviews and I have a large backlog, it will allow me to stream more often.

Speaking of streaming, I have also been preparing for my Degen Dash speedrun tomorrow, which surprisingly for the first time I am not very nervous going into a marathon run. Normally, at this point I would be letting the nerves start coming into play, but for some reason I haven’t got the pre-marathon nerves like I normally do. The only thing I can put this down to is the fact that I have been growing in confidence and I haven’t been doubting myself or letting small mistakes affect me. My mentality going into the run is to let things flow naturally and if small mistakes happen, don’t make a big thing out of them.

Overall, I am happy that I have been looking at speedrunning again because it has been way too long since I last dedicated a whole evening to proactively looking at different speedgames and also planning the potential return of speedrunning to my agenda.  I know the reviews will still take priority for the time being, but once I have got a large enough buffer, then I can still write reviews, but shift the focus back to speedrunning and music without the worry of falling behind on reviews again.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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