26/10/2016 (Day 136: An Exciting Announcement And Remix)

I have quite an exciting and important announcement regarding me as a speedrunner and   most importantly regarding something I will be participating in on Friday. I have been selected by the marathon committee of the Degen Dash Marathon and I will see running Star Fox 2 any% normal during the Friday of the marathon. Degen Dash Schedule Clicking on the highlighted text will take you directly to the marathon page where you can see what time I will be running Star Fox 2 in your timezone.

I honestly never though I would have been picked for the marathon because there are quite a lot of well known speedrunners who submitted games and I thought because I am a lesser known runner, I might have not had as much of a chance. I really enjoy these speedrunning marathons because it is a chance to really showcase my abilities as a speedrunner, as well as my ability to perform well under pressure. I have been quite a few marathons this year prior to this marathon, so I am quite comfortable with what I have to do between now and the marathon run. The most important thing to do is make sure I do some practice runs, but not so many that I start burning out. I haven’t ran the game as much as I used to because I would grind attempts on a really regular basis, and when I don’t beat my best time I would lose interest or just get extremely burnt out with the game and not speedrun it for a while. Although, I think for me from now on, Star Fox 2 will be a game I speedrun and unleash only on special occasions because I have decided that I am satisfied with the time I have got and grinding attempts might cause me to burn out again.

I also recently find the music for Vectorman and I really enjoy the music for the game. What I decided I was going to do was find the MIDI files for one of the levels from the first Vectorman game and do a pseudo remix or remake of the Ocean stage from the game. I decided that I wanted to remake this because I wanted to get back to writing music or working on remixes.

Overall, I hope you are all as excited as I am to be in another speedrunning marathon as it has been quite a while since my last appearance in a marathon. I am hoping that the marathon run will go well and I think it will because I have quite a bit more confidence and experience going into this marathon

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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