24/10/2016 (Day 134: An Amazing Day Of Progress)

My goal waking up today was to continue the amazing inroads that I was able to forge last week, but start to introduce some new things that I wanted to prioritise. The main thing I wanted to shine some light on and include as a focus was my diet because lately I haven’t been eating the right things at all and I have been eating too much. Although, miraculously I haven’t gained any weight whatsover which is quite the relief because I thought the amount I had eaten would have caused a lot of weight gain. The first change that I made was to decide to not eat Pot Noodle for lunch because I felt that Pot Noodle wouldn’t fill me up enough and would potentially mean I would snack somewhat throughout the day. Instead, I had some paninis with cheese, bacon and chilli chicken and it was really tasty and it filled me up quite a bit more.

Once I got home, I decided that I was going to split my time between my bedroom and writing reviews because both of these things needed looking at and needed to be worked on. My bedroom looks a lot tidier and I feel more comfortable in the room and the review progress has been great. The Halloween review I have been working on is almost done and I hope to be able to start work on the next review after that pretty soon. I think I need to get ahead of reviews like I have mentioned multiple times simply because I have a lot of games I found thrifting that I feel will need a lot more time to play and get an idea of my opinion of the game.

Overall, today has been another awesome day and I still can’t believe how well everything has been going nowadays. I do hope this continues because my confidence now is not as fragile and I feel I can bounce back effectively without the small mistakes affecting me too much.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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