23/10/2016 (Day 133: A Relaxing Way To End The Awesome Week)

Today was a much more relaxing day compared to lately because I concentrated on recuperating and trying to get my energy levels up before work tomorrow. However, the problem I have ran into is that the last few days I have been suffering from quite a heavy cold and I have problems with a blocked nose most of the weekend. I think it is the fact that the weather has become quite cold somewhat early this year with temperatures being unseasonably cold. I am normally absolutely fine with the colder conditions, but for some reason if the cold weather arrives early, then I find I can adapt quickly though. This on top of the fact that I recently have had the flu job, could have been a perfect mix with the colder weather and made me feel bunged up with cold. I am hoping that in the next few days I can overcome this cold, as I find that I can get tired very quickly when suffering from a cold.

I have also done some more planning on the review schedule because I think maybe I have been a bit too ambitious on the review schedule, but then I realised that I need to free up 2 months to play some new games and write some new music. The thing I need to think about is that I need to put 5 weeks of hard work into these reviews, and then I can have nearly 2 months of from them to recuperate and maybe work on some other projects that have been on the back burner for way too long. For example, speedrunning has had a back seat for a long time and that used to be the number 1 thing I used to do quite often before my full time job. I need to understand if I work intensively on the reviews, then I can reprise old projects that maybe I started and never finished or begin on something completely new.

Overall, this past week has felt like a revival from the dead and I feel alive and ready for another awesome week. I really hope I can continue to solidify my confidence, so it isn’t as fragile and most importantly, if I do make a small mistake here and there to not let it affect me as everyone makes small mistakes. I think if this week goes well, then I will feel that I have a turned a corner and there won’t be any risk of me going backwards. I will also be focusing on my diet a lot more, because the positivity could mean I could lose some serious weight between now and Christmas. I don’t have a set weight loss target for 2 months, but even if I lose 1lbs or 31lbs, at the end of the day weight loss is weight loss.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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