22/10/2016 (Day 132: Awesome Thrifting Luck)

Lately, I have been going thrifting somewhat more than I used to because I have been looking to expand my Playstation and Playstation 2 collection, so that I have some more modern games to write reviews of. I decided today before I helped out with the soccer commentary for Hospital Radio because I hadn’t been for about a month. I tend to thrift about once a month simply because I seem to find a lot better finds when I space out the thrifting rather than going in once a week and searching through potentially the same things over and over.

Today I got really lucky because I found some awesome games that in some cases are extremely rare. For example, I managed to find a copy of Medievil for the Playstation, which normally sells online for about £25/$35 and I got it for only £5. Seriously, that and all of the awesome PS1 finds I have had this month means that this month in terms of awesome finds and expanding my collection has been pretty astounding. I have been able to get somewhere close to £200/$250 worth of games for about £50, which I can’t believe, especially considering the rarity of some of the games I have been able to obtain. I personally think that I could end up with quite a sizeable collection if I keep finding games at this rate, but I need to make sure I don’t blur the line between collecting and hoarding. I think what I might do is all the PC games I wanted to resell that I think I won’t sell I might just donate to a charity shop so that I can both free up the space and also not hoard the games, but also allow others to potentially get enjoyment from the games.

Overall, I have a great day and I am really happy with the games I was able to purchase. I won’t list all the games I bought because it might end up being boring and also end up as a list instead of sentences. My plan tomorrow is to tidy my cupboard and bedroom so that I can organise all of the games I have recently bought and also set up my Playstation 2 so I can play some of the new games.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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