20/10/2016 (Day 130: On Track For The First Ever Perfect Week)

Work today was perhaps the strongest and most consistent performance I have ever put in because I didn’t make any mistakes and I was able to do some of tomorrow’s work today because I got that far ahead of my workload. I have never been able to pull ahead of what I do at work ever because there was always something that held me back and that was me. Like I mentioned yesterday, I feel alive again and I continue to feel more and more resurrected as every work day passes.

I will say however, all the positivity have been fantastic, but because of how much effort I have been putting in and how deep I have been digging to become more positive I have been a little bit tired out. Before, whenever I got tired at work, I would start to struggle somewhat and start losing concentration, not today. What I did instead when I started to feel a little bit fatigued was slow down a little bit, but not to the point of putting no effort in at all. I decided that dialling back a little bit was a good idea because I had been putting 110% in and sometimes I have a tendency to push harder and harder. I need to try and now do this because otherwise by the end of the week I would become exhausted.

From next week, I will need to bring another focus into play that I have sidelined whilst dealing with my confidence issues and that is my weight. I have lost small amounts of weight here and there but nothing that currently means anything significant and I can say the weight is 1/2 lb here and there. What I need to make sure that I continue to cut out unnecessary snacks and also reduce the amount of Pot Noodles I have because it is my main go to meal for work. Instead, I think I will looking to replace this with paninis, which I really found and I really like.

Overall, if tomorrow at work does as well as the other 4 days have been then I will be on track for the first ever perfect week that I have ever had. Even throughout school, university and work I have never had a week where things have done perfectly and exactly how I wanted them to have gone, but this week could break that mould.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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