19/10/2016 (Day 129: I Am A Phoenix, I Feel Alive Again)

The run of awesome days is now up to 3 because work has once again gone like an absolute dream. The confidence that I mentioned in yesterday’s that was starting to return is continuing to return in a big way because today I was able to start believing in myself and start doing some of my work tasks without needing any assistance. The thing I need to remember at the moment is because of how long my confidence was low for though, any confidence right now is extremely fragile and I need to try and make this confidence stick.

For me, it is easy to gain a little bit of confidence and then something happen, which is like watching glass break from a mirror that has just broken, it shatters any confidence I once had and I am back to square one. What I need to do is to ignore little things that could cause my fragile confidence to shatter because I know that I am not perfect, neither will I be, but I can do everything I can to avoid major mistakes by not letting the small things affect me.

I think that at the moment for me this is an important transition period for me where I turn from the nervous negative minded person and bloom into some who believes that I do anything if I put my mind to it. I proved that tonight by beginning work on routing a new speedrun, which I have never done before. The game is a game I started speedrunning quite a while ago, but never actually sat down to start theorising a route. However, that all changed because I have routed the first main area of the game and what I will need to do is work on making sure that this route in question is as consistent as can be. The reason for this consistency is because the game will be the first RPG game I have ever either speedran or routed.

So overall, today has been fantastic and feel that I am on the way to being a better person in general. The best way to describe how I feel and how the last 3 days have gone is that I feel like a phoenix, I feel alive again.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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