15/10/2016 (Day 125: New Approach To Liam’s Game Room And Diet Update)

Today was quite an important today in terms of organising how I approach writing the reviews for the next month and a half. Now, initially I used to aim to get maybe 1 or 2 weeks ahead of my review schedule, which means for example if review 10 was published today, I would have written 11 and maybe started on review 12. However, recently with how many projects I have been trying to work on, this approach to the review writing process has gone completely awry and meant that one Saturday in the past few weeks didn’t have a review published. I was quite upset that I didn’t publish a review on the Saturday in question because I had been able to maintain an efficient review writing schedule on top of my busy schedule, but for some reason I had lost the time I was ahead and I had fallen behind. I love writing the reviews, but I have been thinking about how I change my approach to the review writing process, especially with the fact that I need to play through some more games so I that I can continue to write reviews and today I think I might have found the solution.

Instead of aiming to get one or 2 weeks ahead, I am planning to get extremely far ahead and by the end of November hopefully be 2 months or maybe more on the review schedule. The reason for this is that over the Christmas period and into New Year, it will allow me to actually sit down and play some games that I have wanted to play not just for review purposes, but also because I have been fascinated by the game and never had the chance to sit down and play the game. What this will allow me to do is whilst I am really far ahead on reviews, I can start building a stockpile of games that I will have the knowledge to be able to review, rather than panicking a week before a review and maybe not having the sufficient knowledge to review the game.

The way that I will be able to get so far ahead in terms of the reviews is by aiming to have a review written, completed and signed off every 3 days. Now, this sounds like a lot, but if I can get my head down and really concentrate for a few hours, then I can write the entirety of a review in one evening. I proved to myself that I could this last week with the review that was published today, as I wrote that in about 3 hours when I focused, rather than it taking 3 or 4 days and only writing a few lines then getting distracted.

Also, I thought I would update everyone on how my diet and my general health has been going. I will openly admit that my eating habits the last couple of weeks haven’t been that great, however I have lost a little bit of weight which is both a plus and a negative. It is a major plus because it means I am getting closer to my weight loss target, however I feel because of how bad I have been eating like I have been quite lucky. From now I want to get my head down again and really focus on losing weight because I will more than likely gain some weight over the Christmas period, which is quite normal. The reason I mention the Christmas period is also because it isn’t just a couple of weeks either side of Christmas, but more the month of December and also the beginning of January.

Overall, today has been a day of much needed reflection and work sorting out what the plan of attack is for all my projects and also my health because I have needed to have a good look at these things. I also think that the review schedule may seem quite intense and maybe overwhelming, but if i have learnt anything about myself lately, I need to have some more confidence and now think about the broader picture when it comes to work loads, but look work on making sure that every minutia is good one bit at a time.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you tomorrow.



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