13/10/2016 (Day 123: Clicking Time And Stream Weekend)

Today I decided to play a clicker game that it actually a clicker game where you don’t just sit there and stare doing nothing. The game I have been playing is Time Clickers where you go through ever more difficult waves as the game calls them and you of course upgrades your weapon to do more damage. However, you need to click on cubes using your gun which can be upgraded and and what is known in Clicker games as click damage. For the weapons that deal DPS or Damage Per Second, you don’t just upgrade the weapon’s level, there are also multiple tiers of weapon starting off with rookie and as you go up the tiers, the next tier up increases the DPS gained per level upgrade. Compared to many other clicker games that I have played, the game is quite interesting, as you aren’t just clicking a stationery button to do damage, you actually have to aim the mouse at the targets to deal damage. Now, it sounds like aiming for targets isn’t much of an upgrade in terms of gameplay, but compared to other clicker games it actually has a level of involvement that doesn’t mean you have to wait around to progress.

After 3 weeks, tomorrow I will be streaming on Twitch because I will have a good amount of free time to be able to sit down and do some practice for a speedrunning marathon in 2 weeks. It will definitely be good to be able to stream a good amount this weekend because I definitely have missed streaming due to how busy my schedule has and still will be in the upcoming weeks.

Overall, I find Time Clickers to be quite a fun game if I have nothing better or need a break from work schedule. I know that the intensity will continue to increase at home because there are so many things that I want done by the end of the year and I want to make sure that I keep on top of these projects.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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