12/10/2016 (Day 122: Glory To Arstotzka)

I decided today to try out the game Papers, Please which I got for my birthday from my cousin. I got it on Steam because it was on my wishlist for quite a while and I was looking to eventually buy it, however I am glad I got it for my birthday because I have been really enjoying it. The concept of Papers, Please is that you are the border patrol in the fictional country of Arstotzka and you need to make sure that only the people from the correct countries have the correct paperwork, as well as make sure that the documentation the people crossing the border has hasn’t expired.

The game feels like a hybrid between a puzzle game and a point and click adventure game, which surprised me as I haven’t played that many point and click game and I don’t normally have an interest in the genre. The game also played a bit on my emotions because sometimes you come across couples and sometimes one of the couple doesn’t have the correct paperwork. This really makes me question whether I should stick to what the border control want or what my morality thinks and sometimes I get really torn about what to do. I think that this game will make for quite an interesting review sometime in the future because there would be quite a deep explanation of how the game’s core mechanics work.

Overall, I am happy that I got Papers, Please for my birthday because I ended up playing the game for 2 hours without even noticing. The game is awesome to chill out to and to zone out and also could be a good stream game potentially.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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