10/10/2016 (Day 120: Feeling Good and Positive)

Today started out with me being unusually nervous on the way to work and I am still not sure why I was because normally when I am on the way to work, I look forward to the day ahead. However, once I got to work and I was settled in to the tasks that were required of me, this nervousness went away and by the end of the day I felt a lot better. I think the reason for me being nervous could be the fact that I was overthinking what I was planning to achieve and believe me when I start overthinking, then my OCD gets triggered and then my self doubt comes into play. I think what I was able to do early on in the day was to quash this worry and then everything negative seems to fade away immediately.

Once I got home, I started checking out some music that I had on my computer that I downloaded from Bandcamp earlier this week, but never listened to. I came across 2 albums by Trevor Something, who I had heard 1 or 2 songs from before. When I was listening to and previewing some songs from the album Trevor Something Does Not Exist, I came across a song called “Come Back Down” and I noticed the elements of the song immediately. There were samples from New Order, Gary Numan and Art of Noise, however Trevor Something merged these elements to make a new song entirely. I instantly really liked the song and haven’t stopped listening to it ever since.

So overall, I am happy with how today went and I am looking forward to working on some reviews later on during the week. I think the doubts that I have suffered today shouldn’t happen tomorrow if I can maintain my positive approach that I took today.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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