08/10/2016 (Day 118: I Have A Busy 3 Months Ahead)

Today was a day of procrastination and a realisation that the next few months will be busy for me. I know I mentioned this in a blog last week, but I want to go into much more detail about the sort of things I will be doing in my “spare time”, which won’t be at all spare. I know I mentioned a lot of what will be said on Day 112, but I feel that maybe updating the situation now I have a plan of attack that I want to stick to.

First of all, the reviews I will be doing for Liam’s Game Room will be expanding away from standard 8 and 16 bits game reviews and I will be incorporating some Playstation and Playstation 2 reviews. The reason for this is because my current knowledge of the NES, SNES, Genesis and Game Boy is somewhat limited, however there are many Playstation games that I grew up with that I have very fond memories of that would be make for some cool reviews.

The second thing I want to do for Liam’s Game Room is to start playing some more games that friends and my streaming community have been recommending for me. Also, some of the gaming pickups I got this week will be reviewed as well, however I know that the Playstation reviews and the game I am not familiar with will take much longer to prepare and write as well because I might have to play some of the games multiple times for continuity, as well as  accuracy to make sure what I am writing and documenting is 100% correct. I do look forward to playing some more games, but the reviews will be priority until I can free up my schedule. My plan is to try and have all the reviews for the rest of 2016 written by mid to late November, so that I can actually sit down and try out some of these games, however I know that writing 12 reviews in 6-8 weeks will be quite an uphill challenge and also daunting, but all I need to do is make sure that when I schedule time to write reviews, that I don’t get distracted.

The next topic of note is of the remixes that I have been wanting to work on for quite a while. The plan of attack for these remixes is that if I can get the reviews out of the way during the week or purely write the reviews at the end of the week, then whichever option I chose I can dedicate the opposite to the remixes. I used to be able to do a remix once every 2 to 3 weeks, but lately because of my problems sticking to a set schedule due to how hard I work these schedules have collapsed or not been followed. If I want to be productive on remixes and reviews, then sticking to the schedule is absolutely vital because otherwise I won’t know how to prioritise and also projects will fall by the wayside and I don’t want that.

So overall, this thinking about what I mentioned last week has been important because pretty much everything I said about sticking to a plan has kind of fallen apart, but I want to make sure that I do everything I can to stick to the schedule and execute it correctly. Finally, I know I haven’t streamed in over 2 weeks now, but next weekend I will be making up for that with quite a lot of streaming on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and is even more reason to stick to my schedule during the week.

Have an awesome day and I will see you all tomorrow.



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