7/10/2016 (Day 117: The Motherload Of Games For My Collection)

Yesterday’s blog was called “I Hit The Motherload” and I realised today that I never explained what happened for me to call the blog that. Yesterday, I posted on the work buying and selling pages that I was looking for PS1 and Ps2 games because I recently tidied up my cupboard and realised that I had a lot more space then I initially thought I had. The reason why I took this approach rather than just going to charity shops is because it might be easier for people who own the games to come to me and say what price that I am willing to pay or what the seller is willing to take. I will still go charity shopping of course because I really enjoy going the journey of going to the different shops and looking through the games and picking out the games I want.

Now, the games I bought from this page is perhaps one of the best set of pickups I don’t think I will ever find again and some of the games I will never find for the price I paid. In total for the games I bought, I spent £10/$13 and I got 7 games and every game I got for an amazing price. I bought Spyro the Dragon and Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon for PS1, which Year of The Dragon is in mint condition whilst Spyro 1 has some deeper scratches to the disc. The fact that both of these games go for £25/$30 each is awesome considering I bought them for £1.50/$2 each. I also picked up Crash Team Racing and Crash Bash, both games worth about £15/$20 each and also Crash Bash was a game from my childhood that I haven’t played in years. The last pickup in this set was Ratchet and Clank 1,2 and 3, which is a trilogy I have wanted to get for quite a while. I have played Ratchet 3 and Ratchet Deadlocked / Gladiator and I really enjoyed them and I have wanted to play Ratchet 1 and 2. However, when I opened Ratchet 3, I heard the sound of another disc in the case and I found a copy of Ratchet: Gladiator, which meant that I now have all 4 PS2 Ratchet games.

Overall, this is an amazing haul of games which totals about £100/$130 for only £10/$13 and is perhaps the best deal I will ever get. I have had some amazing deals and charity shop hauls, but I think this could be the once in a lifetime deal to get because I don’t think offers or chances to get rare games like this come along at all, but at the prices I got them for is purely amazing.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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