6/10/2016 (Day 116: I Hit The Motherload)

Today was perhaps the best day I have had both of terms of work and also finding some more games for my collection. My work day began by one of my work colleagues giving me a bag for life as he arrived at work and I was actually quite confused. He then explained to me that the bag had some PS2 games that he found and said to me that I could have them for free. I was actually quite stunned because I was about to get my wallet out and give him some money for them and when he said they were free I couldn’t stop smiling for quite a bit of the day.

Work today was actually quite busy because there were quite a lot of things that kept breaking my plan that I wanted to execute. However, I managed to power though today even though there were quite a few sections of the day where I had to maintain my composure and power though. I think recently that my stamina has been improving because I haven’t had any issues with any injuries as of late.

Overall, today was a good day even though I haven’t been able to do too much apart from being given some awesome games for free. I also finished the review for Saturday and all I need to do is finalise it and make sure everything is set for writing the next review. Also, sorry if this blog is shorter as I have been busy finishing the review and also sorting out a few other things.

Have an awesome day and I will see you all tomorrow.



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