05/10/2016 (Day 115: Catching Up On Reviews)

Today was a great day at work because I was able to concentrate really well and get a lot of things done. The thing I was able to do effectively was to start getting ahead of the work that I was meant to be doing, which is something that I try my best to do because it means that I can concentrate on other aspects of my job that sometimes are not prioritised. Recently, my stress levels at work have dropped quite a lot and I think it is because I have been able to be more organised and I have also been able to control my workload much better compared to before. The main reason why I have been able to do this is because I have been gaining more experience in the role I have been doing for the past month and I think that even though I was thrown in the deep end doing clinic work, it has been of huge benefit as I have adapted very well.

Once I got home, I made a few changes to the review schedule because there was a review which was about 60% done that was scheduled for the 22nd September. My problem is that the order that I was writing the reviews never came to fruition because I am still working on trying to catch up on reviews because the Halloween special is going to take quite a long time to write. I am looking forward to this weekend getting my head down and working on these reviews, although tomorrow will be a good chance to finish Saturday’s review and start the next one.

Overall, today was a good day, although I wish I could have done more work on the upcoming review. However, I do have 3 days to finish the review and I will only need about another 1 hour to finish and finalise the review.

Have an awesome day and I will see you all tomorrow.



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