04/10/2016 (Day 114: On My Way To Being A Full Member Of Hospital Radio)

Today was quite a busy day at work where I had quite a lot of different things to do, which kept me occupied. I don’t mind work days where I am kept busy otherwise I find that the day will go really slowly. The most important thing that I make sure of is that I know exactly where I will be doing the following day because otherwise I could become disorganised, although I don’t write it like a schedule to accommodate for potential additional work. Recently, I have been able to continue to adapt to my new workload because I got promoted a few weeks ago to do clinic work, which is preparing clinics for the opthalmology department. I like the fact that the work I now do is heavily specialised because it means that I can concentrate on this one speciality and become really good at it.

After work, I did Hospital Radio where I both collected requests, as well as presenting and doing the tech work as well. Last week, I did the tech for only half the show because I was still get used to the mixing desk in a live environment, but this week I was asked to do the entire show. This was definitely a step up for me because I hadn’t done tech for an entire live radio show since doing my university specialist show about a year and a half go, so this reintroduction bit by bit definitely was extremely helpful. I am thinking that if I continue working on getting more experience with the tech side of the show, then I could potentially get given my own show. I know what a friend who works on Hospital Radio on the same night has covered some shows on her own and she does the shows really well.

Overall, today was a positive day and also a busy day where I have only spent about an hour at home by the time I started writing the blog. I think once I finish writing the blog I will do some work on some reviews because I need to do some work on them especially with a review due on Saturday.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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