02/10/2016 (Day 112: Planning The Week Ahead and Reflecting On The Past Few Months)

Today I started off by working on and organising my calendar for the upcoming week because I am back at work. The reason why I sorting the entire week rather than going day is day is because if I only sort out the equivalents of tomorrow every day, then I will run into problems in terms of maintaining the calendar. I used to use Excel for organising my calendar because I thought it was easier to edit and maintain, however I have tried out the Calendar application on my Mac and it is so much easier to organise. Unlike on Excel where I would have a key specifying what colour meant that thing, on Calendar it colour codes for me and I am just click the calendar that I want to organise. All of the calendar culminate onto one full calendar, which shows everything I am doing on a specific day and I can also add alerts so my computer will inform me of when to start certain projects.

The awesome thing about the Calendar application, which will definitely help me with knowing what alarm is for what thing is that I was able to add custom alerts tones rather than the presets. This is fantastic because if I have an alert tone for a review I am writing, then I know that without looking at the alert that it would time to start working on reviews. Even better than this, I can easily replace the alert tone of the same name with another sound entirely, which means I can tailor it to specific what review I should be working if I am writing multiple reviews at once. I did have some problems with the app not reading specific alert tones and then I found out, that if you have an alert tone that is more than one word, then it won’t be able to play or read the fact that it is an alert tone.

Personally, I think this will be very helpful for me in the coming weeks, especially with the fact that October, November and December will be busy months. The reason why this final quarter of 2016 will be so busy is because there are so many projects and reviews that I want to work on and complete by the end of the year. For example, I have 13 Liam’s Game Room reviews to write and in some cases I haven’t decided what games will fill these gaps because I haven’t played enough games to fill the spaces. Also, some of these reviews I will be writing are for Playstation games, which means I will have to go into much more detail compared to 8 and 16 bit reviews.

Second of all, I have been working on completing my Christmas shopping as soon as possible because I want to make sure I have all my presents sorted before prices start rising like they normally do at the start of November. My problem I have always had with Christmas shopping is that I have always had a tendency to leave it until late November and the entirety of December. What I have learnt is that the earlier I organise my Christmas presents to everyone, the more likely I am to get the presents I actually want to get rather than having to think of what to get instead.

The final thing I will be busy with in the next 3 months is the fact that there is currently 1 remix I am working on, which will be more thorough than the other remixes I have done and I plan to work on 2 more should I be able to get enough samples for it. This on top of the fact that I really want to start working on some original pieces of music means that I will have to squeeze time in whenever I can. However, even though I might not be able to put as much time in to the remixes and music doesn’t mean I will rush the music because otherwise the quality of the compositions and remixes will lower than my standards. I would rather write and remix less complete compositions then write lots of music and all of it be of a subpar level.

On top of all of these things, I also am continuing to be a radio show host on my local Hospital Radio station. Lately, the station have been training me up to be able to do the tech side of the show, which is making sure that the microphone levels are not too high, as well as starting jingles and music at the correct time. On the Tuesday just gone, it was the first time I had done tech for radio since I did my radio show at university and when I started the show I was really nervous. However, about 10 minutes into the show, all the worries had faded away and I felt 100% in my element. The most impressive thing about the experience of doing tech, was that I was worried about making some mistakes, however I got through the whole show without any problems. I am really looking forward to doing it this week because I am not sure if I will be doing my own show where I also present on my own or whether I will be doing pure tech and no presenting.

So, it is safe to say that the next 3 months will be extremely busy, but I really do enjoy how busy I am nowadays compared to before I started writing the blog, reviews and working full time. Before I used to become very bored all the time and used to wonder if I would find a full time job or something to do every morning. I will be honest here, I used to be extremely lazy and pretty much not do anything the entire day apart from eating, searching for work and then feeling extremely sorry for myself. I was stuck in a vicious loop with absolutely no purpose or drive to succeed in life. But, since I found a job, started writing this blog and the reviews, as well as doing a full time job I feel like I am getting the most of everyday. There are definitely days especially lately where I have tended to take my eye off the ball somewhat and get distracted, but at the end of the day it can’t always be work and no play. However, even though I will be busy with everything I have mentioned today, I intend to have fun with everything I do and not think of the reviews or the music as work, but more think of it as something I enjoy doing.

Overall, today has been a progressive day where the calendar for next week is ready and also I am close to having another review ready to go, which means I only have 12 reviews to go. Sounds like a lot in theory, but if I can get my head down, then I could have them all done by mid November, allowing me more time to try out new games.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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