01/10/2016 (Day 111: Blog And Diet Update And Shopping)

Before I say what I have been up to today, I thought I would preface today’s blog with a change to the way that I am writing this blog because recently the blogs have been light in terms of content. The reason why has happened is because I have had the week off work and have been recuperating my energy levels, which means I haven’t been doing too many interesting things. However, the change to the way I write the blog is simply instead of writing about the entire day at the end of the day, I will updating the blog throughout the day and then publishing the blog at the end of the day. I hope this will mean that the blogs will have more content, as well as helping the blog grow because I would love the blog to continue to grow and reach a wider audience. So, if you like what you read please share it because I would love to share my life and story to a wider audience. Anyway, now onto what happened today.

I started today by deciding to go shopping for some food that I needed to get for work because some of the things I normally have for lunch were on offer. I purchased all my lunchtime food to last me an entire month because I ended up saving nearly £15/$20 and at least I wouldn’t have to keep going to different shops to get lunch every day. Also, the fact that I have saved so much money is a huge positive because it will reduce the temptation of buying unnecessary food and will help me continue my diet.

Speaking of my diet, I thought I would update everyone because it has been quite a while since I mentioned my diet or as I call it “Weight Loss Program”. During my week off work I feel I have lost a small amount of weight because I am starting to feel better and I have also controlled the temptation of food decently well. There have been quite a few moments where the temptation has become too much, but the times I have maintained my willpower I am proud of. All that I need to do now is improve my willpower, but also make sure that if I am tempted to have more than I should, then satisfy the temptation by only having a little bit of what I would be tempted to have. I have also used this week to analyse how much weight I could potentially lose realistically between now and the end of the year. The thing that I need to do is not make the targets that I want to hit too ambitious because if I struggle to hit these targets, then I could end up becoming down and feeling like I am failing in my journey to being healthier.

Overall, today has been a good day of reflection and analysing what I do better in terms of weight loss, as well as a fresh new approach to writing the blog. I think this way might be better than I normally do it because I won’t have problems remembering what I have done in any one day. I also am halfway through another review, which is progress and means I am ahead of where I want to be.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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