30/09/2016 (Day 110: Review Schedule Sorted)

Today I decided that to organise the review schedule because originally the review schedule was sorted out only until the start of November. However, in the last 2 days I have found 2 or 3 games on my list of games that I have wanted to try that ended up being really good review games. For example, yesterday I tried The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer on the NES because I realised that I haven’t done any NES reviews for a decent period of time and the game is kind of interesting. I won’t reveal too much about the game, as I don’t want to spoil too much about the game, but I am surprised that the game was as interesting as it ended up being. I also went through some of the game lists and tried some other random games to preview and see if the games in question would make suitable reviews and some of them were in Japanese and I couldn’t understand the text.

I also found another game, which I will definitely be reviewing and playing more even after I finish the review, which is Ninja Gaiden Shadow. I have seen a friend of mine do some speedruns of the game and the game in the speedrun environment looks like a cool game, but I was nervous that the game wouldn’t be fun in a non-speedrun situation, but my word the game is awesome. Once again, I won’t spoil too much because I want to same my full opinion for the review.

Overall, I am happy that the review schedule is now almost sorted out for the rest of the year. All I need to do now it fill in the remaining gaps and 2016 schedule will be completed for reviews, which is the most organised I have been in terms of review for a good little while.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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