29/09/2016 (Day 109: Bedroom And Review Progress)

Today was a day of huge progress in 2 areas that I haven’t really been paying much attention to recently, which are the reviews and my bedroom. The bedroom is much tidier than it was before and I was finally able to organise the entirety of my collection, which I haven’t done for quite a while. I realised that I have quite a few more Playstation 2 and Playstation games in my collection than I initially expected. I even found some games that I didn’t even realise that I owned because I hadn’t seen them for quite a while. I also found that I have a couple of duplicate games that I didn’t know I had 2 of them, which at the end is a plus because it means that if one copy of the game stops working I have a backup copy.

The way that I organised my collection of games and my DVD’s was to stack them in my cupboard in such a way that I still have a decent amount of room to expand my collection should I go thrift shopping again. The fact that I have a moderate collection and I still have quite a good amount of space for expansion means that can I buy and explore further into the Playstation library should I find some unusual games.

The other major breakthrough was the fact that Saturday’s review is finally done, as I was able to get my head down and complete the review. I am not sure why everything clicked tonight to get the review done because I had tried on previous days and to no avail, but something and it might be due to how well my bedroom went today that I felt inspired. I used the inspiration well and finished the review, as well as sorted out the review schedule beyond that, so I can do both the shorter reviews that won’t take too long in between much more thorough and research heavy reviews.

Overall, the progress in both of these areas of my life have been really motivating and I do think that I can finish both the bedroom and maybe another review, if I keep my head down. If I can get these two things done tomorrow, it will be a massive step forward for me and it will mean I have achieved something during my week off work.

Have an awesome day and I will see you all tomorrow.



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