27/09/2016 (Day 107: Completed A Game And Planning The Rest Of The Week)

Today I was able to finally get to the end of a game that I have been playing for just over a year. Even though the game hasn’t told them that I have completed the game, the fact that I was able to get the final Steam achievement means I have because it is a game where you keep earning money. The game that is in question is Adventure Capitalist and the fact that I have bought the final money investment means that I can increase money earnings, apart from claiming angels. This game has been quite a bit of fun as I have been playing it since I was at university and the fact that it is a game that I have finished without buying any in game currency feels like a victory.

The second major thing I was able to do was to start a remix for a streaming friend of mine Absnerdity that I have been meaning to start work on for a few weeks, but due to how busy my schedule has been I hadn’t had chance to even extract the audio files for editing. Editing the raw audio was what I did some of today and also decided what music tempo will suit the audio the best and I found that like my previous remixes a faster tempo works very well. Although, progress with this remix is still in the infancy phase at least I have started it with the intention of continuing it when I get a chance. I am hoping that in the next couple of weeks when I write my schedule that I can schedule in some time to work on this project and maybe once I have enough audio clips, another Birgirpall remix.

Speaking of schedules, tonight after the blog I will be writing my schedule so that I know what times I will be dedicating to what project because at the moment I have so many things that I want to work on that writing a schedule and sticking to it will help me out a lot. The problem I have had with writing and organising a schedule is that I tend to struggle to stick to it, however I am hoping that this one I can stick to because otherwise I might end up with a traffic jam of projects that I would to work. If I don’t start working on these projects now, then dedicating time to them will get harder and harder leading to projects never getting finished or even getting passed the drawing board in some cases.

So overall, I am glad that Adventure Capitalist is finally completed meaning that I could write a review about it, but I won’t because the review will be quite boring. The schedule should hopefully get things on track with my projects and also help me get back on track with Liam’s Game Room reviews.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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