25/09/2016 (Day 105: An Awesome Birthday)

I began today by updating what happened yesterday because the blog previous to this spoke about what I was looking forward to rather than what had happened. First of all, Hospital Radio went extremely well and all of my clips of the goals that I edited were used in the compilation at the end of the show. This was a huge positive because previous to this, I haven’t had any goal clips used before the compilation, but something clicked really well and my editing ability was on point. I also was able to record all the post match interviews correctly and quicker than usual. I think the fact that I am somewhat more experienced with editing the commentary means that I can make better edits and also judge when to start a clip.

My niece’s birthday party was quite fun and as I predicted I was in control of the music. The first thing I had to do what organise the playlist to make sure that there wasn’t 20 songs by the same artist playing back to back. I could have shuffled the playlist, but it could still mean that some artists would have been played multiple times in a row. I did a pretty good job making sure that the playlist was still music that my niece wanted, but was organised in such a way that the same artist wasn’t repeated too many times.

Today was quite the relaxing day and not too much happened. I received a few birthday cards, although I will be going out for a meal tomorrow where I will receive the last of the birthday gifts. The thing I did today was marathon LGR Thrifts, which is a series of videos by a Youtube channel called Lazy Game Reviews where the guy who runs the channels goes to charity shops to find some games for his collection. This inspires me to go charity shopping more often because some of the things the guy finds is truly remarkable. He has found an NES for $5 or about £4, which is a crazy price and I wish I could have that sort of luck.

Overall, yesterday and today went really good and I am really looking forward to a week off work, so that I can work on a few projects and things that I have wanted to do. I will keep you all up to date on these projects and how they are progressing, which the first project is to tidy and organise my bedroom.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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