24/09/2016 (Day 104: We Are Looking Into The Future, Liam)

Today’s blog is going to be something different compared to what I normally do because I normally write about what has happened in a day, but because I am out of town all this afternoon I decided to write about what I am looking forward to, as well as a couple of things I have done today.

I played some Euro Truck Simulator and I managed to funny quite a few funny things that happened. When the glitches or funny things more than once, I decided to record footage from then and see if I could make more funny things happen and happily some more awesome things did happen. The reason why I decided to record and try to get funny things to happen is because I might post some of the funny things in a Youtube video, so that there would be some Youtube exclusive content because all of the things on my Youtube apart from my music remixes are currently viewable on my Twitch channel. Obviously, I will still post all of my Twitch highlights onto Youtube for ease of use for those who do not have Twitch or even know what Twitch is but know what Youtube is. If the Euro Truck Simulator video is successful enough, I might even do it for other games that might be potentially broken, but add my speedrunning knowledge to locate funny glitches.

Later on today, I will be editing the soccer commentary for my local Hospital Radio station, which I really enjoy doing. Earlier on this week, I had a tutorial with the editing software, as it is software that I wasn’t familiar with because I am used to editing software Logic Pro X, but wasn’t familiar with CoolEdit Pro. When the station showed me how to edit in the software, I felt stupid because the software behaves somewhat more similar to Logic Pro X then I thought, but it used for broadcasting more than music recording.

Also, this evening I will be going to my niece’s birthday party because she was born the day after me, which makes organising birthday presents and parties for my parents and my sister quite interesting. Normally, when I go to my niece’s birthday parties, my sister puts me in charge of making sure that the music is running smoothly and also sort out any tech issues if any arise. What this means is that  I will stay familiar with music in a live environment and I won’t forget my mixing desk knowledge or live music organisational skills.

Overall, I am happy with the Euro Truck Simulator footage I got and now it will be editing it or capturing even more footage if I feel I don’t have enough. I am also looking forward to Hospital Radio and my niece’s party because it will be an afternoon and an evening of music tech for me, which I really don’t mind as it is more and more experience under my belt.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you tomorrow.



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