23/09/2016 (Day 103: Birthday Weekend, INITIATE!)

Today was my final day of work for a week because I have booked next week off work, which I am glad I did ahead of time. With my birthday on Sunday, what this means that is that I can stay up late instead of having to wake up early. Obviously, the thing I need to be careful of though is that I don’t affect the sleeping schedule too much because it would mean I would have to readapt. The only problem with breaking the sleeping schedule is that I have maintained it for quite a long time and I won’t be used to sleeping in on weekdays.

The important thing that I need to do during this week off is make sure that I recharge my batteries because sometimes when I come in from work I feel burnt out, but it is something that I get used to even though I don’t do anything to help me in this situation. The second thing I will work on during the week off is the reviews because I have fallen behind on the reviews and if I can get my head down during this upcoming week, then I could get a good enough distance that would allow me to play some new games and take some notes.

Overall, I am very glad that the weekend is here and that I have a week off because it will allow me to work on some projects that have been either forgotten about or put on the back burners for too long. Also, tomorrow’s blog will be written and published much earlier due t me being out of town and I don’t want to lose my streak that I have going.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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