21/09/2016 (Day 101: Review Update And Monstercat Podcast)

Today was a day of progress in more than one day. The first thing I made some progress was with the review schedule because there were a few games I felt I put that in the wrong category in terms of how much experience I had with them. There were also a couple of times where I had put games in more than one category, which of course didn’t make any sense. I also organised the schedule for what reviews will be published on which weeks. However, this raised alarm bells when I realised that I have only got enough game variety to get to the middle of November. What this means is that on my week off work I will need to both write quite a few reviews, but also play quite a lot of new games and take notes on them, therefore meaning that I can secure a review lineup until at least to the end of January 2017.

The other thing I would like to mention today is a podcast I listen to, which is ran by a independent record label I found a couple of months ago and the music on this label is amazing. It is a podcast called the Monstercat podcast where once a week they showcase an hour worth of music from a wide variety of artists who have released music onto the label and the genre of music is mainly EDM music. I concede that I am not much of a EDM fan normally, but something about the production style of Monstercat’s music and also the fact that the artists are doing something that is different to what is currently being done caught my attention. Ever since I listened to my first Monstercat song, which was Aero Chord – Surface (which was used in a recent Need For Speed game) I can not go a day without listening to a least one track from the label because there is music for pretty every corner of EDM music and also there are some tracks that are chillout tracks.

Overall, I am glad that today that I have made progress with the review schedule and now all I need to do is execute the main schedule so I can meet the deadlines. Also, I highly recommend checking out Monstercat because the quality of music is so high and each track is extremely well produced.

Have an awesome day and I will see you all tomorrow.



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