20/09/2016 (Day 100: Thank You So Much For The Past 100 Days)

I honestly cannot believe that this is the 100th day that I have been writing this blog and more importantly the existence of this website. It only feels like yesterday that I decided to pluck up the courage and start writing about my life, which initially I felt quite nervous about but I quickly realised that there were quite a few people who were interested in what I do. I have also had quite a few friends who either don’t leave near me or live in a completely different country read about what life is like for me and that is really heartwarming.

Now I will say when I started this blog I never expected the blog to grow either as quickly as it did or even have the reach in terms of audience that it now has. I mean I was expecting a few people like my friends and family to read so that they could see how I really feel, but now I have had readers of the blog in America and about 10 other countries. The fact that the blog has been read across 3 continents is pretty insane and it makes writing this blog even more worth it. To clarify, I don’t write this blog for the number of people nor worrying about how many people read it. I write as more of a journal or a diary and a way to be able to look back in a couple of years and maybe say “Wow, the way I used to write the blog is interesting and my life was very different back then”. The blog will therefore act as a time capsule so I can reflect on this period of my life.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has even only visited the website once because without everyone reading the blog and the reviews,  I wouldn’t have been at all inspired to do everything I have been able to do now. For example, writing the blog made me realise that my health was going downhill and I wasn’t looking after myself very well. Most worryingly, I was gaining weight and I was heading towards the never ending downward spiral that is my weight issues I have had. In the last 2 weeks for example, I have lost 4lb of weight, I already feel amazing and most likely without writing the blog I wouldn’t have got up and said “I will do something about it and I will start to change my life around for the better”. The blog has given me a lot of confidence in myself that I never knew I had and also an outlet for me to express myself in a way that my disabilities restricted. I struggle to explain what I mean when I am speaking to someone, but if I am able to write it down like I do in the blogs I can express it very well.

So thank you again for allowing me to express myself in a way that is normally heavily muted and restricted in my life and also for taking a journey with me. Yes, I know what I write about is me and my life, but I feel like everyone who reads the blog is taking a journey with me and is able to experience life from a disabled person perspective. This is not a negative at all, but a massive positive, as I am informing the world that yes I have disabilities, but this doesn’t stop me leading a somewhat normal life.

So overall, just so happy that the blog has been as popular as it has been and also for everyone supporting me as much as they have. Here is to another 100 days of the blog and more progress on my dreams and ambitions.

Thank you everyone for your support.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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