18/09/2016 (Day 98: Golf In The Darkness)

Today was a really enjoyable day in terms of playing two fantastic games, both of which I haven’t played for quite some time. The first game I played today was an RPG that I played on RetroGamingLiveTV called Shining In The Darkness, which is the first game in the Shining series and was the game before Shining Force. Shining In The Darkness is a first person dungeon crawler where the player has to save the kingdom’s princess from the clutches of the evil Dark Sol who kidnapped her. The problem I had with the game was I couldn’t decide what configuration I wanted for the main character, so initially I went for a pure attacking setup. However, when I entered the labyrinth with this setup I died extremely quickly and decided to have a well balanced setup for the character. This game was really enjoyable and offered quite a few laughs, as well as some moments of annoyance.

The other game I played with Birgirpall subscribers was a game I hadn’t played for quite a while, but had hardly played with others was a game called Golf With Your Friends. Since I last played the game the developers have added 2 new courses and also some more new music, which sounds a lot more professional. I played it with 2 Birgirpall subscribers and I can say it was some of the most fun I had with multiplayer games for quite a while because everyone was messing up and we were laughing our heads off so much at what was happening.

Overall, today was super fun and has put me in a good mood leading to next week, which of course is my birthday week. I will definitely sort out a schedule to decide how to go about working on all my projects, as there are now 2 remix projects, reviews, tidying my bedroom and playing games for reviews.

Have an awesome day and I will see you all tomorrow.



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