17/09/2016 (Day 97: Super Mario World 96 Exit And Announcement)

Today was quite a fun day because I streamed on RetroGamingLiveTV and I played some Super Mario World 96 exit for the first time. The main reason why I decided to do this when I hadn’t even touched it before was simply because RGL was celebrating hitting 10000 followers on Twitch and I thought I would pitch in with something I haven’t done before associated with a game that I have speedran previously. Super Mario World 96 exit met this criteria perfectly and playing throughout 96 exit live on stream was an absolute blast and was a barrel of laughs. I was expecting the game to take close to 4 hours, however I beat the game in 3 hours and 5 minutes, which is much quicker than I was expecting. I did spend a lot of time struggling with special world, which tends to be one of my weakest areas of the game. There were quite a lot of funny moments where I lost lives in dumb ways, but this added to the entertainment value according to the audience. I am also streaming on RGL tomorrow as well and most likely I will be playing through some random games that I want to play for future reviews.

Which brings me on to an announcement regarding next Saturday’s review and Daily Blog. Both of these will be posted much earlier than normal because I won’t have any chance during the afternoon to either write these or post this as I will be out of town until late. So, the review will be posted morning EST time and early afternoon GMT time and the same for the blog, which will be talking more about what I will be looking forward to rather than what actually happened. The following Sunday I will talk about what happened and compare to what I wrote on the previous day.

Overall, I am glad that the stream today went really well and the fact that it was extremely well received makes me feel good about the style of streaming I do. I am really looking forward to more RGL tomorrow because I will be playing as many games for review as I possibly can.

Have an awesome day and I will see you all tomorrow.



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