16/09/2016 (Day 96: Feeling Good And The Weekend Is Here)

Today was a great because work went fantastically well and there was one thing, which really helped a lot. I was able to get 8 1/2 hours of sleep. which is the most sleep I have had on a work night and those extra 2 hours of sleep helped me out so much. I definitely think next week I might try to get some extra sleep because then I function much better. Even on the way home when I normally notice feel more tired I felt quite a bit better, which normally never happens.

Speaking of trips home, there is one thing that I always listen to on the way home, which makes the trips home so much more easier to bare and it is listening to the Monstercat Podcast. The music on these podcasts are really cool to listen to and I really think that the quality of production is of such a high standard and what this means that compared to popular music in charts, the music is so much more enjoyable to analyse and listen to. The funny thing about the podcast is that I could listen to the same podcast multiple times and the music never feels old.

So overall, today has been a great day and one of the strongest days of the month so far, but I am really glad that the weekend is here and looking forward to what is in store. I will be streaming on RGL twice this weekend and I am planning to plan through Super Mario World 96 exit for the first time. Even though I have speedran No Star World, I have never beaten all 96 exits of the time.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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