15/09/2016 (Day 95: Extremely Tired, Blood Pressure And Why I Love Winter)

Today is the first day that I am actually struggling to write the blog, not because I have nothing to say as I actually do, before I started writing the blog I fell asleep before I knew it. What this is that I woke up in a blind panic because I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to write the blog in time. Thankfully, my typing is now getting better and I am not making very many typing mistakes, which means I can finally tell you how today has gone.

I had only got about 5 hours of sleep because the heat and humidity means that it is extremely difficult to settle down to sleep. There was about half an hour at around midnight, where I wasn’t 100% awake nor 100% asleep, but more in a trance stage where my body had shut down, however I could still hear things around me. I did eventually get to sleep about 3o minutes after this but I am really looking forward to the much cooler conditions arriving because the heat and humidity has been extremely difficult. On the flip side of the coin however, I can easily sleep when it is way too cold without a problem and I think it is because me and heat have never got on whatsoever. I think the main reason is because when I am cold, I can find unique ways to keep myself warm without many issues and I prefer colder conditions, but when I am too warm I find it quite difficult to cool back down and to control my body temperature. This is why I am so glad that Summer is pretty much over and happy that Autumn is finally here.

Work has been quite tough because of the aforementioned conditions and also because fatigue is starting to take its toll on me. It isn’t because I am so tired, although some of it can be attributed to it, but it is because I feel like my body can never recuperate properly with the amount of sleep I have. On a typical work night, I average between 5-7 hours of sleep, which I feel is not enough and 8 hours would be much more preferable, however this would affect my activity levels in terms of writing reviews and playing games for reviews.

I definitely think that tonight I will try and get an extra hour of sleep by settling down to sleep as soon as possible. But overall, today and this week has been really brutal and huge test of me as a person and also a test of my character. I feel like I have passed this test but barely because it is taking its toll on me and making me feel a bit rundown. On a positive note to finish, work was offering free blood pressure tests and mine came back as perfect. This made me feel good about the lifestyle changes I have made recently and the fact that they have already made a positive impact on my health makes me want to continue to work even harder on this.

Have an awesome day and I will see you all tomorrow.



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