13/09/2016 (Day 93: Hospital Radio Training)

So today was the start of my training at Hospital Radio, so that I could basically do the entirety of the tech side of the volunteer role. Prior to this, I have been mostly a host, which requires nowhere near as much effort as controlling the entirety of the mixing desk and making sure that everything is running smoothly. The first thing I learnt was how the desk functioned and also what every single button on the mixing desk did. I already knew quite a few things about mixing desks having already got a music degree under my belt, but a refresher on how the desk functions was definitely helpful. After this, I was taught how to use the mixing desk to control volumes of both CDs and Vinyls, as well as how to get these set up. CDs I am quite familiar with, but holding a vinyl was quite the surreal experience because those things are huge. I was also taught how to put a needle on a vinyl in the correct place, which was quite interesting the way the vinyl is designed to distinguish between each individual song. Basically, there are grooves in the vinyl where tracks both end and begin, with space between these two lines being the silence between songs. The final thing I was taught was how to use a program called CoolEditPro, which is the software that I use during the soccer commentary. I was taught some more things about how to edit the audio itself better because I wasn’t too sure. However, I have learnt some things about editing that I didn’t know and it was definitely worth the time of the training.

Overall, I am happy that training went well today because it is a learning experience. Work was quite tiring, but I am soldiering on quite well even though I have had some ankle pains.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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