11/09/2016 (Day 91: New Games)

So today, I spent most of the day trying out some new games that either I had never played or games that I had played previously but not returned to. So the first game I played today was a game called Side Pocket, which is a SNES pool/snooker game that is actually not too bad of a game. The graphics of the game sadly aren’t too great but I feel that the ball physics and way the game plays is quite good.

The next game I went back to was a game called Puzzle Pirates, which is a Match 3 puzzle game where you take the role of a pirate. In the game you can pillage with a crew and attack other pirate ships to try and take their loot or you can work in shops to earn Pieces of Eight. The only problem is Puzzle Pirates now compared to when I played it a few months ago is that the size of the community has gone down somewhat and it means that certain aspects are hard to play because of this.

The final new game I played today was one that I bought this evening called Shellshock Live. The game plays like classic Worms and the sole goal to destroy the opposing tanks with whatever weapons you can get your hands on. The game is so much fun and for the price it cost it was most definitely worth it. I am looking forward to playing some more of Shellshock live because the community around it is mostly really cool, although occasionally you get the odd troll here and there, but that is the same for almost every multiplayer game.

Overall, I am glad that today was a lot of fun because it has put me in a good mood for next week. Also, if this blog or any other gets 6 more views, the website would have had 1000 views in the 3 months since I launched the website, which is truly amazing. Thank you so much for all the views and lets keep up the growth.

Have an awesome day and I will see you all tomorrow.



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