10/09/2016 (Day 90: Thrift Shopping And Rest)

So today after a busy week of work, I decided that the best thing I can do is go shopping and unwind with some retail therapy. The main thing I do in terms of retail therapy to go to charity shops (Thrift Shops) and see what video games I can get for really good prices. Today, ended up being quite the bad day in terms of finding any video games whatsoever in the charity shops, however when I went to Cash Converters because sometimes they have so cool things I pretty much hit the jackpot. I found 7 PS2 games all of them good disc quality and most of them with manuals for only £2.90/$4. I then checked the value of the games both on Amazon and eBay to see if I got some good prices and the value of the games in total was about £10/$14. So I ended up getting quite a good deal on all the games because the average price for the games ended up being about 40p/47c.

Apart from that, the review that I have spent so long writing was finally published after 2 weeks of writing the review on and off. The problem with the review is because it was such a long and detailed review that I haven’t been able to write any other reviews. I also started work on the next review, which will definitely be a much shorter review and the next couple of reviews will be shorter games because I feel if I keep doing long reviews, then I will be worried about burning out and maybe losing interest in them. I spent the rest of the day relaxing because I want to make sure I am as close to 100% for work on Monday.

Overall, I am happy with the pickups I got from thrift shopping today and publishing the review is a huge weight off my shoulders. Also, the rest I have had today has been much needed and I do think some more relaxation tomorrow will be really helpful.

Have an awesome day and I will see you all tomorrow.



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