09/09/2016 (Day 89: The Weekend, Diet Updates And Reviews)

So finally after what has been a long and tiring week of work, it is now finally the weekend. I am so glad that it is here because work this week has been such a huge test of a few of the aspects of my work. The first was of my confidence because I was asked to do different things that I had not done before, so because I have been more confident with my approach to my job, this ended up not being a problem more a learning experience. The second test was of my stamina because on more than one occasion I ended up with either cramp in my legs or an injury to my ankles. I definitely had to grit my teeth towards the end of the work week because there were occasions where I felt like I couldn’t walk and doubted my ability to continue, but I ploughed on and got through the week. The final test was on my mental stamina because when I was working at 100% capacity, I was using a lot of brain power to help me concentrate and understand what I had to do. By the end of today, all of these aspects were well used and weakened which is why the weekend couldn’t have come at a better time.

My weight loss programme I am on is going great. I had a treat tonight of a kebab and some chips because I hadn’t eaten very much today and I felt that I had to reward myself for sticking to it really well. The only reason why I didn’t mention anything about this yesterday was simply because I didn’t want the topic to feel repetitive and recycled everyday. It definitely was a major problem in the early blogs because work was all I talked about until I decided to mix it up and add some more topics like stories or music or anything else that sprung to mind.

The final thing of mention is that the review I have been working on for nearly 2 weeks is finally done and ended up being over 4500 words. It will be the longest review or anything I have written in my life. It definitely had been a challenge to get the review done and now that it is done it will allow me to work on reviews that will be much shorter, so that the Halloween special review can get a lot of time dedicated to it, as it will be a very extensive review.

Overall, things are really looking up in all aspects of my life from work to weight loss. So tomorrow, I will have some retail therapy and go Charity Shopping (or Thrift Shopping in the USA) because I would like to add some games to my collection that could also be for future reviews.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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