08/09/2016 (Day 88: Review Is Nearly Done And Looking Forward To The Weekend)

So today at work was very tiring because it has been more humid today then of recent days. The main problem with today was that about 2 hours into my shift, I felt something tweak in my ankle and it began to hurt quite a bit pretty much instantly. This meant that until lunch I was pretty working whilst limping and trust me, the pain and the discomfort meant that getting to lunch felt like an age rather than the feeling of the day flying by. However, after lunch my ankle felt quite a bit better to the point where the limping went away even though my ankle felt very tight. I am glad that I managed to survive the day because it was a challenge of self belief and also a challenge of all the strength I could muster to keep going and not letting the injury overly affect me. I am really looking forward to this weekend mainly because it will allow me to recuperate much needed energy and will allow me to go charity shopping (Thrift Shopping in the USA).

Also, the review for Saturday is inching ever closer to being completed, even though it is still not yet completed. The thing with this particular review is that the review stands at nearly 4000 words, which will be the longest thing I have ever written in my life and would be longer than any of the essays I wrote for my degree. This is maybe why I have been struggling to write further reviews simply because the completion and length of this specific review has been so daunting and I think some shorter reviews leading up to the Halloween special is very much needed.

Overall, today went very well and I am glad that I managed to survive the workday, as well as getting somewhat closer to finishing Saturday’s review. I do think that I can get ahead on reviews, mainly because sometime in the future, there will be a Playstation month and I will need all the backlog of reviews I could possibly wish for.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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