07/09/2016 (Day 87: Exhausted From Work And Organising Reviews Again)

Work today was exhausting simply because the humidity and the overall temperature was a few percent and degrees higher than of recent days. Normally, I would think of this as a potential negative and worry that I wouldn’t be able to deal with the heat because of what happened last month when I was sent home with heat exhaustion, however now I feel much better and a little bit fitter I decided to go all in and see how I handle it. I ended up being able to do an entire day’s work before my lunch break, which was surprising in two ways. The first way that was surprising was how my stamina held up considering the fact that I increased both the speed I worked at and the intensity. The second way was how quickly time flew because it the work day felt like it didn’t even last an hour. I really enjoy days like today because it makes me feel like I have both put in a great day of work, but also meant that I found the day quite fun.

The other thing I do was reorganise my reviews again because when I organised them before there were quite a few of major mistakes in terms of making the new spreadsheet. The major mistake I made was that I simply copy and pasted the previous spreadsheet, which in hindsight was a major issue as it had games listed for reviews that had either already been reviewed or were games I felt that weren’t suitable for reviews. So, I have been resorting that out and also I still haven’t finished the review for Saturday, which means I am risking falling behind. What I need to do is make sure that reviews at least up to my week off work, which is week beginning 26th September is done, so that entire week I can concentrate on the reviews and some of the upcoming reviews in that time period will be potentially quite lengthy.

Overall, I am so happy with how work has been going as of late. Also, I need to remember to take some sultanas to work with me as for some reason I forgot and I wish I had taken some with me today, as I got hungry mid shift. I have been resisting eating too much extremely well this week and I hope I can continue it as I am already noticing my stomach starting to go down.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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