06/09/2016 (Day 86: Hard Day’s Work And Feeling Good)

So today, work went fantastically as I was able to do my normal workload, which in itself is sometimes quite challenging but I was also able to help someone else out who has struggled with their workload. This is after I had to sprint over a mile to work in about 15 minutes because for some reason this morning I couldn’t wake up 100%. Even though, running it into work initially exhausted me, a couple of hours later I felt fantastic. I was also able to after this morning rush to maintain my stamina quite well and once again didn’t have any issues with my muscles struggling. I think a mixture of a new approach to making sure I don’t push too hard and also my lifestyle changes, which I speak about later has both have had a more dramatic and instant impact that I was expecting.

I think my problem in the mornings are whenever one of the alarms goes off, which is every 5 minutes I have a tendency to click dismiss on it and then the next alarm would go off. What I need to do is to actually stand up once the first alarm goes off because then what it will mean is that hopefully my body will actually wake up. The other solution I have to maybe turn on my light as will reduce the potential chance of me falling back asleep with a bright light bulb shining directly into my retina.

Weight loss wise I have really got a strong grip of what I eat and have had some awesome self control. For example, I went to a superstore to buy some new shoes as I was in need of some new shoes as my other ones were falling apart. I walked down the food aisles on multiple occasions and I was not once tempted to buy Pringles, which is my weakness food or any other junk food. The main reason why I didn’t do was because I was realised how good I felt now I was eating properly and not overloading my body with junk food. My body almost feels like it has been cleansed and detoxed of the bad food in my body and of course I still get stomachaches from time to time, but then again my body is adapting to this new lifestyle.

Overall, my body is continuing to detox successfully and all I need to do is start reintroducing fruit to replace the junk food. For example, I have sultanas in the cupboard that I would normally a serving into work with me and I think from tomorrow I will look to reintroduce these aspects back into my food spectrum.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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