05/08/2016 (Day 85: Good Start To Weight Loss)

So today was the beginning of the weight loss idea that I talked about during last week and I decided that today would be a good day to start. I controlled my eating quite well today and made sure that my lunchtime meal was much smaller and had less calories compared to normal lunchtimes. The one thing that I changed was instead of having a Pot Noodle, which normally has about 500 calories, I had a Batchelor’s Deli Box which has about 300 calories. This means that lunchtimes are about 40% less calories compared to previous lunchtimes, which is going to be quite helpful because across the entire week this will be free up nearly 1000 calories. I am hoping that I can maybe find a couple more calorie savings for my lunchtime, which the only one that comes to mind would be to cut out the cereal bar that is 100 calories. Then again, I could just move the cereal bar to breakfast instead of having a yoghurt which actually might be more calories than the cereal bar.

Also, work went very well because for the first time in a while my stamina held up better than normal. During the day, because I am pushing myself so hard, I normally end up picking up an injury or two mainly due to fatigue, but today I managed to get through the entire day without any problems. I also weighed myself at work and found out that I am 5lbs lighter than when I weighted myself 5 days ago. It could be simply just a fluctuation in my weight but I will take it.

Overall, I am happy with the start I have made to this weight loss, but now it is all about making sure that I am both stick to it and not obsess and weigh myself every day. What I might do is weigh myself either weekly or bi-weekly.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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