04/08/2016 (Day 84: Review Schedule Sorted)

So today, I decided that is what about time that I sorted out my review schedule because beforehand, the spreadsheet I used was very unclear and sorted by game console rather than how prepared I was to review the game. So what I did was organise by how prepared I was to write the reviews because then I would know whether I need to play more games for a specific console or whether I could hold back on playing games for a console. For example, I am ready to review nearly 10 Playstation 1 games, but there are no games for the Sega Master System or Turbografx 16 that I feel comfortable reviewing. As well as sorting this out, I also set up an outline for what reviews will be published on what weeks on the spreadsheet rather than on the list of draft reviews because it means I won’t run into problems with consoles getting back to back reviews, therefore making sure that the reviews have a lot of variety. I am also interested in seeing what games readers and fans of the stream would be interested in both me playing or reviewing because I want to try games that perhaps I haven’t played before. What this allows me to do is perhaps find games that people recommend, but perhaps find games that I might potentially be able to speedrun in the future.

Overall, this is a big breakthrough today in terms of preparing the reviews because it was problematic the way I was organising the reviews and this streamlines the process. Also, tomorrow is the beginning of the attempts for me to lose weight because I know I can lose weight and that I will do. I will keep you all updated on how this goes in terms of maintaining the weight loss, even though I won’t be weighing myself until the end of the month.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you tomorrow.



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