03/09/2016 (Day 83: Lester Tutorial And A Long Stream)

So today has been mainly me recording a Lester The Unlikely tutorial with the world record holder Koffingrockz and then from there I got an idea for something that could come from it. I thought that I could make a podcast called “The League Of Extraordinary Speedsters” where speedrunners would come onto the show and showcase the game bit by bit and then do a speedrun of the game to showcase the speedrun tech in action. I do have quite a few friends who speedrun games of length that would fit quite well on the podcast and I could make it suitable for iTunes as well. I don’t know, I might look into it some more and see what I can do with it but there isn’t any guarantee of it becoming a thing.

Apart from that, I streamed for a record 6 hours tonight pretty much without any breaks. I started off with Zelda: A Link to the Past and I struggled through some more of it and I eventually decided that after dying quite a few times to swap to Lester The Unlikely speedruns. It was part of the way through the game I found out that Zelda gets even harder than the sections I was doing and I am quite worried about how much harder it could get. I think I will eventually finish the game, but I might put the game on the back burners for a little bit before I can return to the game and give it another stream of play. I also derusted Star Fox 2 and I look forward to doing some runs of the game and trying to beat my World Record time.

Overall, I learnt quite a few new things about Lester The Unlikely and also might have an idea for a new podcast. Also, derusting Star Fox 2 was something I was meant to do a couple of weeks ago, so derusting it now was helpful.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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