02/08/2016 (Day 82: Thank You For The Support)

I want to thank everyone who read the blog yesterday and really showed their support for me being honest and personal with you all. I was actually quite worried about opening up and being honest about some of my personal problems that it would actually backfire and open myself up for potential criticism. But, I have received nothing but positive feedback and support for what I want to achieve with my weight and I know that it will be quite a long road to becoming healthy. The main thing I will do is try and take it one day at a time and try and save calories where I can. I will also try new ideas to try to tone up my stomach and try and burn some calories because at the end of the day every calorie counts.

Anyways, work today was quite difficult because when I arrived at work, I felt extremely exhausted and was doubted if I would actually get through the entire day. At one point, I got very concerned that I would faint because I felt that unwell, however, something clicked after a while and I felt so much better pretty much instantly. I ended up completing all my work a couple of hours earlier than I normally would, so I ended up helping out my colleagues do some of their workload.

Overall, once again thank you for all of your support and I will continue to update how things go in terms of weight loss. Also, I am glad it is the weekend because I will spend it recouping my energy levels and making myself feel better.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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