01/09/2016 (Day 81: A Very Personal Blog)

So, today I have decided to speak to you all about a problem I have had all of my life that recently has gotten worse in the last couple of months due to me not prioritised it. The aspect of my life I am going to talk about is my health. Recently, work has been taking a massive priority over everything that has been happened, whilst things that should be important such as my diet and making sure I get enough sleep have been all but forgotten. Now my weight problems I have had for many years and my weight peaked last Christmas at about 265lb ( 18 stone 9lbs or 120kg) and at the time I would wake up and think to myself “gosh I wish I were healthier”. I did however once I got my job back in April lost about 15lbs and went under 250lbs for the first time in many years.

Recently, I have been putting some weight back on, which can be attributed to maybe an increase in muscle mass, as I do a lot of heavy lifting, but it can be attributed to me not eating proper meals and binge eating. I am now about 253lbs and I am disappointed that my weight has gone up. However, I have been thinking long and hard about why this has happened and how I can address and solve the issue and the problem is I have been so focused on my job, that everything else around me has been second or even third priority. My weight was one of these priorities and it is only know that I feel that things need to change now before it gets harder and harder the older I get. So, as of tomorrow, I will not have any more takeaway food for the rest of the year because it is such an easy way to eat through food that I really don’t need to eat. I will also work on tidying and making sure my bedroom stays tidy because that has also been affected by the fact that work has been top priority. This doesn’t mean that the effort I put into work will drop, of course not because if i don’t, then I could lose my job, but what this means is I need to be aware of the problems and make sure that I address the weight and the other things around me because believe me, I want to be a healthy weight and not stocky like I currently am. I am hoping that one day I look back on this blog entry and I can think “That was the day that I decided everything was going to change and I am glad I did.” Now I know that the problem won’t be fixed overnight and I become healthy within 7-8 hours of sleep, but all I need to do is take it day and day and ask myself “Where can I save some calories?” or “Where can I burn a few extra calories to help shift some more potential weight?”.

Overall, I hope that I can look back at today’s blog in the future and be proud of where things are to go into the future. Also, I hope you all don’t mind me speaking about this instead of what happening today because this is an issue I have had for a long time and if I don’t start getting healthier, it could cause me some health problems further down the line.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.


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